About Imperial Cities

Rediscover the World offers a great selection of hotels, riads and excursions in the north of Morocco. The ancient and historic capitals of Morocco feature very strongly in this region - Fez, Meknes & Rabat plus, of course, Marrakech a little further south. Casablanca is included here because of its importance as a city in modern Morocco.

Fez is large and bustling but not as busy a tourist destination as Marrakech, Meknes is more relaxed but still bursting with history and both are ideal bases for the Atlas Mountains and the impressive ruins and mosaics at the Roman site of Volubilis. Rabat is one of our favourite cities in Morocco as it has the stately monuments and palaces of the capital plus a great relaxed atmosphere. Casablanca, although it has little of the charm or history of the other cities, is a very convenient stopover for first and last nights in Morocco and we highly recommend a visit to the very impressive Hassan II Mosque and maybe even Rick's Cafe.


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