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About Hotel Damouchari - Damouchari

The pretty beach here is divided in two by a headland which enters the sea. The old Damouchari, a pebble beach and the new Damouchari, where the natural port is found. The village was established by Venetian sailors who built a castle for protection and also in which to store supplies. You can still see the ruins of the castle as well as the nearby Monastery of St Nicholas.
The village may seem familiar to you as many scenes from the first Mamma Mia movie were filmed here in 2007.


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  • Pool
  • Parking


  • Small & Friendly
  • 10-20 rooms

Ideal for

  • couples
  • walking
  • fly drives


The Hotel Damouchari is close to the white pebble beach and has 14 rooms and apartments, all individually decorated.


Breakfast is taken in the hotel bar Kleopatra Miramare; it is also pleasant to enjoy a few drinks here in the evening.

There is a lovely garden for relaxation, for enjoying a cooling drink under the trees or indeed to have a refreshing swim in the hotel's pool.
There is parking at the hotel.