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About Postojna

Beautiful Underground Scenery.

Postojna Jama is a fantastic web of tunnels, passages, galleries and halls; the astonishing diversity of Karst features as well as easy access are certainly the main reasons for its popularity. Postojna Cave is the best-known cave in the world. It is also the greatest tourist attraction in Slovenia and one of the world's largest karst monuments. For 140 years the Postojna Cave was the only public access cave in the world, now it offers a unique and adventurous ride with a special train, which will take you into the cave, under spectacular underground arches, embellished with chandellier-like stalactites, through a beautiful subterranean world full of playful limestone sculptures. A total of 21 km of passages, galleries and magnificent halls offer a unique experience of the underground world.

A visit to the caves and surrounding attarctions in the town of Postojna and countryside can take a very full day or even two days so we recommend, where possible, including a night here on your fliy drive itinerary or as part of a twin centre stay in Slovenia (combined with Ljubljana or Lake Bled).

The most beautiful stalactite in the Postojna cave is called the Brilliant. Looking at this marvellous, shiny white limestone formation, you simply must agree it is worthy of its name. In 1819 Archduke Ferdinand I visited the cave and became the first official visitor. This gave rise to the tourism in Postojna and this date is considered the official start of modern cave tourism although [grafitti] signatures dating from the 13th Century can be found in the cave.

Postojna is situated in the south-west of Slovenia and can be reached by means of the motorway, by train or by bus. The Postojna Cave is located a kilometre from the centre of Postojna town and the car park is a mere 100–300 metres from the entrance to the cave.

During the main season, tours are available every hour, whereas outside of the main season, there are three to four tours daily. Each tours lasts approximately an hour and a half; a part of the tour is a cave train ride and part of it is taken on foot. There are admission fees for visitors but there are several types of reasonably priced admission fee packages that can also be purchased online.

A number of different events are held in the Postojna Cave and in its vicinity throughout the year: from a top-quality blues festival to the traditional knight tournament, from the live nativity scenes to concerts held in the subterranean halls.

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