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Toubkal Summit from Imlil

About Imlil Trek - Roof of North Africa


A trek up the main Toubkal path to the refuge via Aroumd & Sidi Chamharouch on the first day and a summit climb on the second.

Activity code: ITCTdsAK05

Difficulty: GRADE TWO - between easy and moderate, hiking mostly along zigzagging mule tracks at upper levels for about 6 hours each day. The actual summit climb is non-technical but can be hard going. Good boots are recommended. Suitable for anyone who leads a reasonably active life. NB. hiking at altitude (from 3000m to 4167m) always involves some effort.

Duration: 2 Days

This itinerary is recommended only if you have both confidence and experience of this type of trek. We have included a night at or camping nearby the Toubkal Refuge so that you can enjoy a full day to tackle the summit but day 2 will be a very long one as you will also need to descend all the way back to Imlil.

This hike is designed to start by walking directly from your accommodation in Imlil, e.g. Douar Samra. All hikes include a guide, all meals and full back; this hike also includes a night at the Toubkal Refuge. All hikes are tailor-made so can be arranged for any number of people on any start date.

What's included:

  • experienced, licensed, English-speaking mountain guide throughout,
  • Full support team.
  • One night’s accommodation in the Toubkal Refuge;
  • Meals - 1 breakfast, 2 picnic lunches, 1 dinner.
  • Picnic lunches are fresh Moroccan salad, cheese, tinned tuna fish*, bread, fruit).
    • * If vegetarian or vegan, please pre-advise.

We recommend you bring:

  • mountain grade boots (those which take crampons from mid-December to mid-March)
  • sleeping bag*;
  • windcheater;
  • fleece layers,
  • ski cap, gloves (Nov-Mar);
  • thermal underwear (Nov-end March);
  • filled water bottles (you can purchase bottled water locally),
  • rambler pole(s) (optional);
  • LED headlamp or torch with batteries;
  • personal toiletries and towels;
  • hygienic wipes (or gel);
  • insect repellent;
  • penknife (do not pack in hand baggage for flights);
  • sunscreen,
  • nibbles (muesli bars or dried fruit).
  • spare camera batteries, memory cards and extra toilet rolls could come in handy.

* Should you not wish to bring a sleeping bag all this way, we can provide extra blankets for the fairly cold overnight in the Toubkal Refuge (applies all year due to the altitude). Please advise at time of reservation.

NB: all our prices are for land arrangements only (starting and finishing in Imlil), please contact us to arrange accommodation in Imlil or Marrakech (hotels and riads) as well as flights from your preferred airport.

Contact us now to book this recommended trek for any dates.



    Setting out after breakfast from this delightfully decorated and comfortable Berber 'Douar' overlooking the main trailhead Berber town of Imlil (1740m), you strike out towards the east for half an hour before turning south for some 4 km up to the Berber village of Aroumd (Aremd) (1843m). Passing alongside the mountainside hamlets of Taourirt, Targa, and Imoula, up and down the stark slopes, the magnificent Western High Atlas peaks of the Toubkal Massif immediately before you. Your guide will make a stop at Aroumd in the Assif Ait Mizane Valley, built seemingly house upon house on a large moraine spur, overlooking ancient irrigated terraced fields of fruit trees and vegetables.

    From Aroumd carry on for a further 8km to the equally-quaint village of Sidi Chamharouch, a Berber village set beside a waterfall and small stream, again with its pise homes seemingly built somewhat chaotically one into another. This village is a place of pilgrimage for devout Moslems and it is where there is a marabout [shrine] – forbidden to non-Moslems and said to be a relic of a pre-Islamic religious cult. Here your guide will prepare your field picnic by the river, within full view of mighty Jbel Toubkal, at 4167m the highest peak in the Maghreb, prior to setting off up to the Toubkal Refuge for dinner, and overnight accommodation in the Refuge.


    A very early breakfast to set out at to witness a spectacular sunrise and attain, after a three hour non-technical but steep climb, the highest peak in the Maghreb (4167m). The panorama from here is simply stunning. This remarkable climb and view is what you have come so far for. The first recorded climb of this peak, in 1923, was made by the French mountaineers V. Berger, M. Doubleau and the Marquis de Segonzae; many serious trekkers since then have made the highly rewardable effort. Whenever you are ready, your guide will lead you down the Ikkhibi Sud or South Cirque for a straightforward 2 to 3 hour descent back to the Refuge for your picnic. Afterwards, set off towards the north along steeply descending, zigzagging trails of the higher slopes of the Valley of the Assif n'Isouhouanem n'Ouagounss towards the Berber village of Sidi Chamharouch (3106m). Before entering the village, pay attention to a particular tree, sacred to the local Berbers, on which they hang strips of coloured cloth and pile up stones around the trunk.

    From here, descend high above the valley of the Assif Ait Mizane, down zig-zagging trails around granite and basalt grey rocks for about 8km to the remarkable village of Aroumd (1840m), commanding one of the more fertile valleys of the High Atlas mountains with terraced, irrigated plots and fields of maize, onions and fruit trees on all sides. Here you may wish to stop for an extra picnic prior to continuing on along the floor of the valley. Continue up a well-defined mule track zig-zagging above the river for some 4 km to arrive, at around 4 in the afternoon, after a long day’s activity, back at the Berber hamlet of Tamatert and the jewel of the High Atlas Mountains, the Kasbah Samra.


Imlil Trek - On the Roof of North Africa

Two Day Hike with English-speaking guide, accommodation at the Toubkal Refuge and all meals, starting from your accommodation in Imlil (e.g. Douar Samra, Kasbah du Toubkal, etc.)

Toubkal Summit Trek

2 to 3 people4 to 5 people6 to 8 people
£ 158£ 143£ 128

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