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Our recommended guided tours to see and experience Bosnia's rich heritage and its more recent past.

Activity code: SAR01/02/03

Duration: Half Day

A selection of small group excursions to interesting places in and around Sarajevo available to pre-book for our holiday customers.

  • 1. Sarajevo Walking Tour (3 hours)
  • 2. Sarajevo Roses Tour (1.5 hours)
  • 3. Times of Misfortune Tour (3-4 hours)


  • Sarajevo Walking Tour – Grand Tour

    Explore Sarajevo on a guided walking tour and learn about the city’s history from its founding. See monuments that commemorate historical events like the beginning of World War I and tour the magnificent Gazi Husrev Bey’s Mosque. See how East and West unite in Sarajevo during a 2-hour walking tour that showcases more than 500 years of the city’s existence. You’ll visit the major sites and see monuments that document many critical events in the history of the world.You will visit inside the Gazi Husrev Bey mosque and in addition, you’ll learn about the everyday customs and traditions of the people of Sarajevo.Your guide will show you several craft shops in the Baščaršija market area of Sarajevo, tell you stories of some of the most famous local dishes and drinks and explain why coffee is such an important part of everyday life.

    Start of the tour: 1pm – everyday (minimum 2 persons)
    Included: Local guide, admission to the Gazi Husrev Bey’s mosque*
          *another museum if the mosque is closed for religious holidays.

  • Sarajevo Roses Tour

    Sarajevo Roses are actually blood pavements that you can find around the city that commemorate deaths of friends. This unique new tour will tell you not only the terrible story of the war but how great and good people can be to each other in time of need as well. There will be no regular museum visits on this tour and no photos of devastation to see but will instead take you through the City and show you the actual sites of bombings and massacres with memorial plaques and names of those who lost their lives, our guides will follow each site with a story of those people and explanations of why and how certain places were bombed! After the walk in the old part of the city, you will visit the newly opened Museum of War Childhood.

    Start of the tour: 4:30pm – everyday (minimum 2 persons)
    Included: Local guide, admission to the War Childhood museum

  • Times of Misfortune Tour

    Start this insight into the Siege of Sarajevo by having a walking tour in the old part of the city and visit to Markale marketplace massacre site, see the place where the famous Sarajevo Cellist played and see a few Sarajevo Roses. Continue with a panorama drive along the Sniper Alley and take photos of modern skyscrapers just next to war torn buildings. Arriving at the Tunnel museum you will begin your visit in the movie room, afterwards your guide will show you pictures of many sites and building you have seen so far and you will have the possibility to make a comparison of how much the city managed to change in the post war period. Your last part of the tour will be to walk down from the fort, passing through one of the largest cemeteries from the last war, where there are buried many heroes of the city and this country as well as the first president. You will also witness the Wall of Remembrance with names of those fallen for the freedom of generations to come.

    Start of the tour: 2pm – everyday (minimum 2 persons)
    Included: Local guide, transportation, admission to the Tunnel museum


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