The Trek of the Titans

Tichka Plateau to Mount Toubkal

About The Trek of the Titans


Our famous "Lost World Trek" takes you into virgin territory for mountain walkers - definitely not to be missed. A great challenge for all.

Activity code: ITCTTM18a

Difficulty: GRADE TWO to THREE: - Between moderate and sometimes strenuous. Boots required. You need to be reasonably confident of your fitness, preferably having had some previous experience of trekking and changes in climate and altitude. Full support team included.

Duration: 15 Days

START - Agadir [or Marrakech] / FINISH - Marrakech.

This itinerary is quite unique to Rediscover and takes in some of the lesser-visited areas of the High Atlas. The route is always popular and offers a real challenge to experienced trekkers; it is a High Atlas Traverse from the southwest Tichka Plateau (near Taroudant) right through to the summit of Toubkal (11 days walking). We include accommodation in Taroudant and Marrakech to make up a full fortnight.

Why book with Rediscover Trekking ?

Our trekking organiser (Andy in the UK) and our Head Guide (Houcine in Imlil) have many, many years of experience of arranging treks in Morocco. 

Like all our treks the "Titans" has been fully thought through and is tried and trusted - timings are based on individual bookings and allow for amendments and short cuts if necessary for any reason. We have a wealth of experience in these areas so feel free to contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

NO hidden extras. NO groups. FULLY Insured.

What's Included in this trek ?

  • English-speaking, licensed, experienced local guide
  • Full support team to carry your luggage and general equipment (by mule)
  • All accommodation (modern igloo tents / Berber houses / mountain refuge)
  • All meals during your trek (breakfast on all days except first, lunch on all days & dinners on all days except last)
  • private round trip transfers from Agadir or Taroudant to Tagmout and Imlil to Marrakech.
  • Full insurance and emergency back up.

Holiday Version also includes:

  • Round trip airport transfers (Agadir / Marrakech)
  • 1 night in Taroudant (e.g. Dar Zitoun) on HB
  • 2 nights in Marrakech (e.g. Ksar Anika) on B&B
  • 1 night on HB at the Douar Samra in the hamlet of Tamatert (near Imlil)
  • Private guided city tour of Marrakech (half day)

Essential Information

NB: The months from December through to mid-April could possibly preclude the Toubkal summit climb due to sudden, heavy snowfalls. We shall advise you of adverse climatic conditions and alternate nearby peak climb - Jbel Aguelzim (3547m) prior to your setting out from Marrakech


All our holidays are tailor-made so the ultimate cost of each trek is based upon:

  • The number of people in your group
  • Where you are starting from and to where you wish to travel at the end of the hike;
  • Whether you are including any accommodation (e.g. in Imlil or Marrakech)
  • Extras such as WC tent, etc.

IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT YOU BRING (depending upon season): good walking boots; sleeping bag (3 seasons); waterproofs and fleece/duvet jackets, hats, balaclavas or ear muffs; gloves; rambler or ski pole; personal toiletries; small First Aid kit, thermal underwear (Dec-May); day pack; filled water bottles; torch and batteries (LED head torches are excellent), penknife (remember not to pack in hand baggage for flight); towel, sunscreen, insect repellent, hygienic wipes, nibbles and/or dried fruit. Drinking chocolate if preferred to tea and coffee, camping mug (otherwise it is small Moroccan tea glasses for everything), energy sweets and toilet rolls could come in handy!


  • Breakfast - tea, coffee, milk, bread, butter, jam, cheese plus porridge in the winter and cereal in summer.
  • Picnic lunch - fresh Moroccan salad, cheese, slicing sausage, tinned tuna fish and sardines, bread, fruit, mint tea.
  • Dinner - Tajine (chicken or mutton with vegetables), spaghetti, cous cous (main courses rotate depending on duration of trek), bread, coffee, tea, cake, fruit.

NB: all our prices are for land arrangements only (starting and finishing in Marrakech), please contact us to arrange flights from your preferred airport.

Contact us now to book this Trek for any date.



    Day 1: Arrival into Marrakech or Agadir; onward transfer to Taroudant (NB. if flight arrival is after midday into Marrakech we recommend staying an extra night on arrival).

    Day 2: Departure from the pre-Islamic walled town of Taroudant around 9am. Built in 1030 and once the capital of the Saadien dynasty - here you'll meet with your mountain guide and take a quick tour of the town walls before continuing up to the town of Oulad Berhil. On your way here you'll have an utterly awe-inspiring vista of the Tichka chain, peak after peak after peak.

    Continue in 4WD for a further 3 hours to the upper foothills via hairpin pistes finally to arrive at the Berber market village of Zawyatt Tafilalt. At this point there is a well earned break for some photographs and a picnic amongst almond, walnut and palm trees before continuing for a further hour on a gruelling, winding ascent to the village of Tagmout; once an important stop for the ancient caravans from Mauritania to the Mediterranean coast. There's time to stretch by strolling around the nearby hamlets, a real experience of Berber life, whilst dinner is being prepared in your overnight accommodation in the home of the local caid. These hamlets rarely see a foreigner from one year to another, so the interest will be mutual.

    • Trekking Time: 1-2 hours
    • Overnight at Berber House in Tagmout
    • Meals: Lunch, Dinner.


    Suitably refreshed, strike out today for a 7 hour hike up the sinuous mule trail of the Upper Medlawa Valley, passing the Shleuh hamlets of Tawart and Amghlou and their scattered groves of almond and walnut trees, terraced fields, small waterfalls and incredible vistas. Onwards up to the last village in this beautiful High Atlas valley - Awsaghmelt - where you can relax in the shadow of Ras Moulay Ali (2845m) by the pools of water created by a small waterfall.

    After some 4 hours walking between Jbels Askouan (3078m) and Ras Awlim (3048m) you will arrive at an aazib at the feet of Tizi n'Targa (2086m). Here your guide will prepare your picnic; afterwards, there is a further 2 hours up some 92 hairpin bends to traverse the Tizi and continue down to finally arrive at the incredibly romantic and beautiful Tichka Plateau of a Thousand Peaks, where, after getting your breath back, it is time for dinner and camping for the night under a breathtaking canopy of a million stars.

    • Trekking Time: 7 hours
    • Overnight camp on the Tichka Plateau
    • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.


    Today will be one of the highest mountain walks in the Atlas, many of whose peaks have never been climbed. The virgin plateau, with its meadows of early daffodils and alpine flowers in spring, scattered forests and nut trees is strangely green amidst a high altitude landscape and a dramatic panorama of so many peaks and gorges. After breakfast set out for a 7 hour hike and ridge walk - technically a tough walk over shattered rock - up to the summit of one of the highest peaks in the chain - Imaradene (3351m).

    From this peak there is a spectacular vista and sense of total isolation, with to your immediate west many peaks of over 3000m, to the north the glorious valleys of the Assifs Ida Gourioun and Imi n'Tanout and the copper mines at Afensou; to the east many further peaks only slightly less dramatic than those to the west. Here your guide will prepare your field picnic on the roof of the Atlas world. Afterwards, return down the steep slopes to your dinner and camp site on this beautiful and strangely-silent lost world.

    • Trekking Time: 7 hours
    • Overnight camp on the Tichka Plateau
    • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.


    After breakfast set out on a 6 hour trek towards the east, the first 2 hours will be down winding trails to the Tichka Valley, suddenly to come across the hidden Valley of the Oued Aghbar. Very few 'immoudoun' (outsiders) have seen this remotest of areas. The route continues through a beautiful holm oak forest and gentle springs, to pass by the very occasional goat herder and several snowmelt waterfalls; stopping for a picnic under the canopy of pine and oak trees. Afterwards continue on down through the quiet and romantic valley, leaving behind the virginal forest until you come to the Assif Yane Moula, with its ancient watermill; your team will set up camp on the banks of the seasonal river and dine in an awesome silence.

    • Trekking Time: 6 hours
    • Overnight camp in the Aghbar Valley
    • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.


    From the Valley of Aghbar the hike route runs along a faint trail through some wild and gorgeous countryside, shady walnut and almond trees on all sides, passing through several Berber hamlets of pise and stone clawed from the mountainsides until you reach the ancient village of Amlouhl (greeted by curious children and the most-hospitable Berber mountain folk). From here strike out further down the valley until you reach Souq Sebt, where your guide will prepare a welcome picnic; then continue on winding mule trails to the foot of the Tizi n'Test (2092m). So, after 7 hours of moderate hiking, you can relax for dinner and camping for the night.

    • Trekking Time: 7 hours
    • Overnight camp near Tizi n'Test
    • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.


    From the campsite on this upper slope the route continues to the east, following the pleasing Oued N'Fis Valley down to the hamlet of Oukhoune. Once past this quiet, tiny group of pise homes, it is a relatively easy hike along flatter ground down to the hamlet of Mouldighte and on down through narrow, winding paths surrounded by walnut, almond and olive trees until you reach the point where the Oued N'Fis and Assif Oughdimt meet. Here you'll stop for a picnic amidst some romantic vistas of towering peaks, long, dramatic valleys and swirling clouds. The afternoon is spent hiking up and down the contours of the valley slopes until you reach the historic site of Tin Mal, alone amidst stark mountains and luxuriant valley vegetation. Here, outside the mosque, your team will set up camp and prepare a well-earned meal, following approx. 7 hours hiking.

    • Trekking Time: 7 hours
    • Overnight camp near Tinmal Mosque
    • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.


    This small, remote stronghold settlement, high up on the opposite bank of the river, gives all the appearance of a Lhasa-in-Muslim miniature, set amidst brown slopes, green shrubbery and snow-capped mountains. Begin the day with a visit the fortress of high walls and strong towers, the sole survivor of the once holy 12th Century city built by the founder of the Almohad dynasty, Mehdi Ibn Toumarte, and the only mosque in Morocco - other than the Mosque of Hassan II in Casablanca - into which a non-Muslim may enter (except on Fridays). The entrance is through a small, sturdy door in the corner of the main tower. Now roofless, deep shadows thrown by the surviving bas relief pisé columns and carefully restored arcades and horseshoe arches contrast with the large sunbaked wall.

    In the actual village there is a ruined kasbah, a Medersa and an old water tank which produces a regular supply of the French gastronomic delight - edible frogs. Suitably impressed, set off along a flat, easy trail through some beautiful surroundings dotted with walnut and olives trees, cross the Oued N'Fis to reach the Gandafa (or Goudafa/Goundafi) Kasbah of Talaat n'Yacoub. This sprawling ruin, built of pise and timber on foundations of boulders, is probably the third kasbah to have been built on the same site, the first one built in the mid 17th century by a servant of the Sultan Caid Goudafa. This latter one, rebuilt around 1906, is quite obviously one not used for the defence of the region and served but as a palace and administrative centre for some 1200 clerks, servants and slaves - and for a harem of 300 women. Most of the upper stories and stairways have collapsed, but you can still amble around the columned prayer-hall and inner courtyard overhung with balconies.

    From here continue on up to Ijoukak, where you have an overnight accommodation in a basic hotel following a 6 hour hike. Close by is a hammam, for those who'd like to enjoy this refreshing - and cleansing - experience!

    • Trekking Time: 6 hours
    • Overnight basic hotel in Ijoukak
    • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.


    From the village set out for some 6 hours towards the north-east up and down zigzagging paths through the ever-present walnut and olive trees and then through fields of barley, potato and corn to reach the hamlet of Ala n'Oum Zorni, where your guide will prepare the ever miraculous field picnic, prior to walking up to the Tizi n'Iguidi. Once this col has been traversed, you may amble down along these sinuous paths through areas of startling beauty to arrive at the village of Amsslane, to set up camp and dine for the night.

    • Trekking Time: 6 hours
    • Overnight camp at Amsslane
    • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.


    Breakfast tucked away and camp struck, head out across the pleasant Amsslane Plateau until you reach the Assif Takhint for today's picnic, around midday. Afterwards your guide will lead you for about 1 hour up to the Tizi Taghdalt, from where you are afforded a tremendous panorama of the Takhint and Arzedene Valleys. Once through the col, follow a zig-zagging trail through some pretty countryside to the village of Taghdalt, to cross the Assif Arzedene and reach the village of Tizi Oussem (185m). From here, between the Jbels Tasighmout (2004m), Aguelzim (3547m) and Tazaghart (3843m), the route continues south to the Aazib Tamsoult (2145m), where, after approximately 6 hours of relatively hard trekking we recommend you hike just a little further (approx. 45 minutes) up to the Tamsoult Cascade (2204m) for a refreshing "shower". On returning to the Aazib Tamsoult there is a climb of short switchback paths up to the Aazib Tizikert which saves some of the altitude gain on day 10. It is at this tranquil, elevated spot that you will stop for dinner and overnight camping above the Assif n'Ouarzane Valley.

    • Trekking Time: 8 hours
    • Overnight camp at Aazib Tizikert
    • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

    NB. if you are tired or delayed for any reason on day 9 then we can modify the camping area to Aazib Tamsoult.


    After breakfast, set off for some five to six hours towards the south-east on a moderately difficult hike up winding mule trails to the Tizi n'Aguelzim (3104m), stopping for a picnic high up on its slopes. Afterwards hike a further 3 hours to the Toubkal Refuge, which marks the spring snowline at 3207m, where your team will prepare dinner and your choice to either camp around the mountain hut or take cover in there for the night.

    • Trekking Time: 8 hours
    • Overnight camp near Tizi n'Test
    • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

    The months from December through to mid-April may require ascent of the Toubkal summit using crampons and/or ice axes. Morning fog and heavy snowfalls may also prevent full and safe access to the Toubkal summit. We shall advise you of adverse weather conditions and of an alternate peak climb prior to your setting out.


    A very early breakfast and departure from the refuge around 5am to witness a spectacular sunrise and attain, after a three hour steep climb, the highest peak in the Maghreb (4167m). The panorama from here is simply stunning. This remarkable climb and view is why you have come so far.

    Whenever you are ready, your guide will take the Ikkhibi Sud or South Cirque for a straightforward 2 to 3 hour descent back to the Refuge for a picnic. Afterwards, set off towards the north along steeply descending, zigzagging trails of the higher slopes of the Valley of the Assif n'Isouhouanem n'Ouagounss towards the Berber village of Sidi Chamharouch. Set beside a waterfall, with its homes surprisingly built one into the other, it is yet another sight to be enjoyed. There is a pilgrimage 'marabout' shrine here, probably the remnant of a pre-Islamic culture, but forbidden to non-Muslims and, on leaving the village, you should notice a tree, sacred to the local Berbers, where they hang strips of coloured cloth and pile up stones. From here continue to descend along zigzagging trails around granite and basalt grey rocks for some 8kms to the remarkable village of Aroumd (1840m), built on a spur of rock commanding one of the more fertile valleys of the High Atlas mountains with terraced, irrigated plots and fields of maize, onions and fruit trees on all sides.

    Here your guide will prepare your final picnic prior to continuing for another 4kms along the floor of the valley, then up a well-defined mule track zigzagging above the river to arrive, finally, by about 5pm, at the Berber village of Imlil (1740m) to enjoy a glass of mint tea - or two - at the gite d'etape of our senior guide for dinner and overnight.

    • Trekking Time: 10 hours
    • Overnight in gite of our Head Guide in Imlil
    • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.


    Today you can take an optional circular hike or you could choose to visit the village hammam or simply relax and enjoy the Berber culture without having to carry on to the next location for once. Hike option: After breakfast set out towards the east on a moderate 6 hour hike up to the Tizi n'Tamatert (2280m) and on down winding tracks to the Tacheddirt Valley and then to the Assif Aguersioual Valley, where your guide will prepare a picnic. Afterwards, a slow, easy hike up to the village of Tacheddirt (2400m), before circling back alongside the lower slopes of the Jbel Aksouaâl range to arrive back at Imlil and a 4.30pm transfer back to Marrakech.

    • Trekking Time: 0-6 hours
    • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch.

  • Day 14: MARRAKECH

    Free day for sightseeing; private half day guided city tour (am) - included.

  • Day 15: departure

    Private transfer to Marrakech Airport.


The Trek of the Titans

Fully guided and supported trek in High Atlas. Includes English-speaking guide, transport, all meals and all accommodation; also includes extra 3nts accommodation, airport transfers and city tour.

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