About Dhimitsana

With its cobbled streets, stone built mansions and lovely views this traditional Arcadian village is worth stopping in for a night or two.

The village has protected status and enjoys a stunning location at the head of a gorge with the Menalo mountains to the east.

The Franks and Normans had a large influence here and this can be seen in the church architecture. Seven churches dating back to the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries can be found in and around the village.

The Byzantine monastery of Philosophos is west of the town and housed the famous School of Dhimitsana and a secret school where monks taught children Greek during Ottoman rule. Only part of the building is standing now.

The library was founded in 1764 by two monks- during Ottoman times it was one of four libraries which existed in Greece which helped to preserve Greek culture. Today the library has 15,000 rare editions.

Nowadays many of the stone buildings have been restored and local specialities can be enjoyed at the village's tavernas.


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