Slovenia's Wine Region

About Slovenia's Wine Region

This region is made up of the Slovenian part of the Gorizia hills (Slovenian: Goriška Brda, Italian: Collio Goriziano), which is one of Slovenia's most important wine-producing regions. It enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate and is protected from the strong Bora wind, which often blows on other parts of the Slovenian coast.

Wine production in Slovenia existed even before the Romans; there are three wine producing regions in the country: Primorska, on the west side of the country (of which Brda is part), Podravska (focus on sparkling wines and dessert wines) in the east and Posavska, producer of the region's light red wine, Cviček, also in the east. Known as the "Slovenian Tuscany", Brda is really special, presenting the highest yield in litres per hectare and the highest quantity of wines awarded among all the viticultural areas. You can visit the vineyards, pick grapes in the fruit season and indulge in fantastic tasting tours.

Also in this area is the Dobrovo Castle & Museum - the castle fell into ruins over the centuries; in its place a new Renaissance building which appeared in the early seventeenth century. The original castle was conserved in relatively the same shape and is today one of the nicest in the Goriška region. On the ground floor of the castle is a restaurant where you can taste delicious food, and in the cellar there is a wine shop under the stone arches where you can taste some wonderful wines from the Brda region.

Another place to visit, the Villa Vipolže, whose Venetian rooms and views of the green hills have been appreciated by visitors since the 16th century, has had extensive renovations by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and now enters a new era with exhibitions, concerts and performances where artists, connoisseurs and culture lovers meet.

Soča Valley - the Soča or Isonzo river is a 136 km long river that rises in the Julian Alps (part of the Slovenian Alps) and extends into Italy to flow into the Adriatic Sea. It is called "The Emerald Jewel" because of its translucent green colour. A must-see for extreme sports lovers, the Soča River is perfect for rafting, canoeing and a mesmerizing summer resort.

Why not spend a couple of days in this area exporing the vineyards and delightful countryside on walking and cycling trails; enjoy some fabulous wine, incredible local produce and, of course, relax a little in this green and wonderful land. Kozana, in the heart of Goriska Brda, is an ideal spot to spend at least a couple of days in the middle of any fly-drive itinerary.

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