Les Amandiers


About Les Amandiers

A stay at Les Amandiers Hotel is an ideal option if you wish to visit the Anti-Atlas Mountains. Tafraoute is perfectly located in the middle of the route through the mountains (170 kms from Agadir) and offers all the traveller needs in way of provisions and comfort.

The Amandiers Hotel has relatively simple accommodation but you are promised a warm welcome from the friendly staff after your long drive or day's walking. The hotel is perched on a little rocky hill just south of the centre of the village and commands magnificent views of the valley surrounded by granite-pink mountains. There are many ways to get to Tafraoute, each with its particular beauty. For more than 40 years Les Amandiers has been offering lodging and a warm welcome to visitors of Tafraoute, a part of Morocco that is now attracting more and more visitors. It is not only the natural attractions that will make you fall in love with Tafraoute, its people and the warmth of their welcome, traditions and folklore will also impress.



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  • Pool
  • Parking
  • Restaurant


  • Small & Friendly
  • >50 rooms

Ideal for

  • couples
  • walking
  • fly drives


55 rooms, modestly furnished but comfortable and most have excellent views of the town and valley below. All rooms have WC, bath or shower, telephone, satellite TV, heating (it can be cold in winter here), air-conditioning & hairdryer.


Reception, restaurant, TV lounge, bar, outdoor swimming pool on the courtyard terrace at the front of the hotel (with great views!). There is wifi in public areas and free parking.