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About Hotel Mitra

The Hotel Mitra offers comfort and tradition in the pleasant environment of the historical centre in the oldest city in Slovenia - Ptuj. Hotel Mitra is a typical small city hotel that combines its rich tradition with a contemporary approach and is located on the most important street in the old heart of the town Ptuj - Prešernova ulica. Hotel Mitra belongs to a chain of small typical hotels; all are family run and named with a story in mind. Apart from offering excellent services and the classical hospitality they offer an interesting story and traditional values of the area where they are located.

Being aware of the fact, that right in front of Hotel Mitra are more than 2000 years of historical events; there is not less to tell about the hotel. The hotel with its position right in the heart of down town Ptuj holds its own majestic story. The hotel's story is centuries old, it is complicated and mysterious. It was named after the roman god Mitra, the god of light and goodness, cherished by the Romans. Even today you can smell the freshly roasted coffee, originating in the centuries old hotel own Coffee-house. In the candle light there were numerous events taking place, along with the dances. Can you imagine the numerous stories and all the gossip that had to be a part of the glamorous Saturday dances? Explore to the story of the young widow, with the entrepreneurial gift of selling almost everything, who did not want to let go of the house, because it reminded her of her late husband. Listen to the story of the two brothers, who supplied elite troops with the best wine. The house was also an important part of socialism; it was named the house of the JLA for some time.

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Accommodation: the hotel has 29 rooms of which 25 are double-bed standard rooms plus 4 suites, each for four persons. All rooms are furnished in one of five different styles: Secession, Middle Ages, Modern, Roman and Bourgeois style, and have modern equipment. Each room has interactive digital TV, fast free wifi, telephone, minibar, shower cubicle, WC, hair-dryer, hygiene items and an umbrella.

Facilities: other hotel amenities are at your disposal - main dining-room, lobby, coffee house, Venus wellness salon, Osterberger’s wine cellar and a relaxing garden & atrium far from the hustle and bustle of the town.

The Wellness Salon named after Venus offers individual relaxation and regeneration of your body and soul. The restored space of this historical building also contains Finnish and Turkish saunas with a joint capacity of 10 persons. Hotel guests can treat themselves to different massages followed by hot sauna and the relaxation either in the specifically designed space or in the whirlpool full of gently floating bubbles. The following types of massage are available: classic, therapeutic spinal column,  anti cellulite, sports, aromatherapy, foot-reflex-zone, facial, head.

Osterberger's wine cellar and vinotheque: an appetizing smell, refined taste, fragrant aroma, culture of wine and elaborately matured wines gathered from all winegrowing regions of Slovenia will help the visitors who venture into the renovated Osterberger’s wine cellar. Experience the story written by the past, while at the same time your taste-buds will assess the quality of top Slovene wines, such as Traminec, Renski (Rhine) Riesling, Rumeni Muškat (Yellow Muscat), Modri (Blue) Pinot, Šipon, Cviček, Rebula (all three autochthonous varieties), Merlot. Periodically the wine cellar will make use of the varied offer of reputed wines from Slovenia by inviting renowned winegrowers to present their wines thus matching the wine culture with a social event. The cellar sits up to 40 persons. The vinotheque keeps some top quality wines which are for sale.

The Osterbergers were owners of the hotel from 1890 to 1945; the hotel owes its present-day appearance to the family Osterberger whose worldwide reputation was primarily due to the wine they were producing in the wine-growing region of Haloze, especially on mount Gorca. Their wines were awarded several medals at various European wine fairs, and consequently a wine exhibition was organised in Ptuj in 1927.

The Kipertz Coffee House undoubtedly enjoys the oldest reputation and tradition in the building as it was established and managed in 1785 by Joseph Kipertz, the coffee-bean roaster. The first coffee house in Ptuj is imbued with the feeling of its two-hundred-year-old history mixed with the present moment. Popular encounters of the locals and hotel guests usually occur during the weekends when evenings are animated by live music or a theatre performance. Coffee Kipertz and top quality wines from the Osterberger’s wine cellar accompanied by a variety of local cheeses round off a pleasant evening event. Fresh coffee and crispy croissants are the best in the morning, while local sweet specialities, such as "gibanica" from Haloze or Prlekija, pastry and refreshing drinks will restore your strength after wandering around the streets of Ptuj.

From spring to autumn hotel guests can enjoy the tranquillity of the open-air atrium – Mithra’s Garden – which can become a stage for different performances right in the core of the historic town. The atrium is meant for relaxation in the open air far from the bustle of town, where a refreshing drink, a cup of Kipertz coffee or a cake from the coffee house can be consumed in peace.

  • Small & Friendly
  • 21-50 rooms



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