About Krk Island

Krk is known as the "Golden Island", its scenery is a gorgeous combination of rocky and dramatic in the north and lush, green shores in the south and west. There are pebble beaches and sandy coves and lots of interesting villages. In the centre of the island there are ancient villages and a thriving wine making area.

Krk is the largest Adriatic island and is situated in the north of the Adriatic Sea. It is connected to the mainland by a bridge, which provides swift and easy access by car. It also has an international airport (Krk-Rijeka), while the marina at Punat is the largest facility of its kind in Croatia. The town of Krk is situated in the southwest of the island and is the seat of a Roman Catholic diocese. Krk is one of the oldest places in the Adriatic, dating back to the 1st century BC, since when it has been continuously inhabited. The remains of Roman architecture can be found throughout the town, such as a mosaic showing Triton surrounded by dolphins and are also found on the ground floor of the Placa hotel. The fortifications and Frankopan Palace close to the Kamplin Park have also been preserved, and one section of the walls was built during the five hundred year rule of the Venetian Republic.

Directly ruled from Venice from 1480 to 1797 its heritage is clearly visible in Krk Town (you have to arrive through the Venetian gates), although recent excavations have revealed Roman baths below the main cathedral. Other places of interest include the resort of Baska in the south, nestled around a long sandy bay; Malinska, a pleasant little resort surrounded by verdant forest; the beautiful tiny island of Kosljun and the 13th century fortifed village of Omisalj near to the mainland.

Krk is one of the destinations with the longest tourist season in Croatia and for those who prefer active holidays we can recommend scuba diving, water skiing, wake boarding, tennis, quad and bicycle touring on 130 km of trails, visits to Biserujka cave, boat charters and much more. After burning calories we can recommend many restaurants and konobas (authentic Dalmatian wine cellars that serves authentic meals) that will serve you some of the best Mediterranean food, wines and rakija (grappa, schnapps).

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