Roxanich Wine & Heritage Hotel


About Roxanich Wine & Heritage Hotel

Discover an eclectic design hotel in the heart of Istria; perched on a hillside, beneath the shadow of Motovun and overlooking the spectacular scenery of river Mirna valley. Treat yourself to an unforgettable experience and a truly relaxed way of life. Enjoy chic, exquisitely designed accommodation and taste sublime heritage cuisine and indulge in some serious wine tasting.

To truly experience Istria one must be willing to unwind; at the Roxanich Heritage & Wine Hotel a feast for the body and soul awaits. A rich, meditative approach to wines will evoke deep reflection, described by some as "equal parts nostalgia and absolute happiness". At Roxanich, your palate will be treated to many intricate and delicious creations. There is so much to do and to see in the vicinity of the hotel; plenty of opportunities for a day trip in pursuit of cultural events, gorgeous beaches or beautiful vistas. All main Istrian destinations are less than an hour away.




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  • Pool
  • Parking
  • Restaurant
  • Spa


  • Boutique
  • 10-20 rooms

Ideal for

  • couples
  • walking
  • fly drives


  • Deluxe rooms “Monte” - double rooms with a beautiful view of the ancient hilltop city of Motovun. Rooms are 26-30m2 and feature wooden flooring, tailor made king size or family bunk bed and custom made furniture.
  • Double rooms “Vale” - elegant and tastefully furnished rooms, each featuring a unique design theme with a view of the Mirna valley
  • The Presidential Suite is larger and offers a balcony with a view of the mediaeval town of Motovun and the valley of the River Mirna valley.

All rooms have ensuite bathroom equipped with a large shower, a hairdryer, toiletries, bathrobe and slippers. Coffee and tea facilities are refilled daily, while minibar and 24/7 room service are available with extra charge


The Roxanich restaurant is a gorgeously located venue, with a view of the rolling Istrian countryside. Delight your palate with a multi-course menu, choose from a wide selection of wines or let the skilled sommelier help you pair each dish with the perfect glass. The menu is carefully prepared, focusing on local cuisine, organically grown produce and traditional Istrian specialties. At its core, Istrian cuisine is “cucina povera” - simple, honest, based on seasonal and artisanal produce. The hotel sources fresh seasonal produce from local farmers, growers and artisans, keeping the food chain as short as possible. For example, pasta is “fatta in casa e a mano” - hand-made in house, featuring both traditional and international shapes, meat is of Croatian origin and fish is from the Adriatic.

Wine Tasting - If you’re in the mood to dig a little deeper into Roxanich's wines and discover how they develop through time, you have the opportunity to taste multiple vintages of the same wine and compare them. This type of tasting allows you to get a sense of what makes each vintage unique and learn about what pleases your palate. An ideal way to spend an evening, if you ask us!

Spa & Wellness

Relax and take some time just for yourself. Each visit to the sauna brings many health benefits and leaves you feeling reinvigorated, relaxed and fresh. Choose between a classic Finnish sauna or a deeply purifying hammam experience of a Turkish bath. Lounge in the relaxation room afterwards while sipping on a detox water or a cup of tea, perhaps take a quick dip in the heated outdoor swimming pool.

Local Experiences

Your stay at Roxanich Wine & Heritage Hotel can be as laid back or as filled with adventure as you desire. Here is a taste of some of the typical experiences that are available.

  • Go for a truffle hunt – the nearby oak forest is a treasure trove, filled with white and black variants of this incredible tuber. Join a hunting party, with specially trained dogs, and see what is hidden in the Motovun forest; experience the thrill of finding those culinary diamonds in the rough. As the exciting hours fly by, you might get a bit hungry. Perfect, as the feast featuring the tasty truffle follows afterward.
  • Visit the local farmers - see first-hand where the hotel gets the fresh ingredients for the restaurant.  If you appreciate a healthy lifestyle and organic, locally grown food, take a guided trip to some Istrian family farms and see where the ingredients for each meal come from and how they are grown.
  • Find out how Roxanich wines are made - discover the entire process. From choosing the perfect spot for the vineyard, to the slow, natural maceration process and aging in oak barrels treated with beeswax only.
  • Mirna Valley - take a walk via Parenzana road through the River Mirna valley.
  • See the mighty Boškarin Ox - this majestic cattle breed can only be seen in Istria. Wander through Istrian hinterland to see them up close. Succulent, delicious Boškarin meat just might be the highlight of your discovery of Istrian cuisine.

More on wine tasting !

Enjoy a spot of wine tasting - after all, you are in the heart of the wine country. One of the greatest treasures of the Roxanich estate are undoubtedly its wines. It is fitting then, that they should be kept safe, deep inside a hill; the cellar is located directly beneath the hotel. Each of its four levels is dedicated to a certain part of the winemaking process – vinification and maceration, aging and the archive. Awaiting at the finish is the tasting room, where you get to experience the final result. Discover the wine cellar and let your expert guide walk you through one glass at a time. Ancient knowledge, perfected and carefully refined throughout the ages is woven into each bottle bearing the family emblem. The selection ranges from light and refreshing whites and roses to the rich, long aged wines. No matter what your preference, you will find a perfect bottle for any occasion (from pale gold to glowing amber, from blushing pink to deep red and all the hues in between). Roxanich selection is an experience for all the senses - discover the grape varieties, savour the aromas, see the multitude of colours and hear it speak to you of distant times and beautiful places. A wine tasting tour is an enjoyable learning experience that will take you through the entire process, from the vineyard to the bottle.

The Winemaker's Story - Mladen Rožanić embodies a fiery passion for his art. A consumer that turned into an explorer and, ultimately, a producer of fine wines. Skills honed in a relentless pursuit of knowledge, hard work and love become that secret ingredient of each bottle of wine he creates.